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Art on Wood

Engraver's Dungeon makes unique laser engraved wooden posters in a mix of traditional woodcraft and advanced technology. Our designs range from nautical to gothic, macabre to movie posters but we also create personalized, one-of-a-kind works!

Engraver's Dungeon is a family project created by my wife and I. We are located in Valencia, Spain and we've recently opened a second shop located in Rochester, Massachusetts, managed by our partner Charles Wade from Impact Expressions.

It wasn’t easy but after hours and hours of graphic designing and many tests on wood, using different products and techniques I discovered a great method of laser engraving. I’m proud to say my artwork is one of a kind and I have developed a great technique by painting some areas I want to enrich before the engraving and some others after, by applying a mix of wax and oils to protect and long last the wood and by sealing everything with a coat of varnish.

It required a lot of time and effort to achieve this result but we totally think it worth it.

The coolest part is that all of our pieces can be customized by adding an engraved dedication on the rear. So, it’s the best gift option you can make for someone who is a fan of antique, rustic, anatomical, music, nautical, science, oddities and macabre themes.

Every piece is marked on the rear with our website, my name “Diego Scaglia Rat” and I personally sign it one by one. Every poster is also provided with a hanging system so it comes ready to install on your wall!

Due to the fact that wood is an organic material and the temperature changes that can occur the panel can get slightly warped. We also love packaging, you’ll receive home a nice heavy piece wrapped with our logo, a certificate of authenticity and visit card.

Every wooden poster is totally unique, because the pattern and grain of the wood is never the same.

We made these amazing posters only by order, please allow us 3-5 days for shipping, we want you to have a remarkable item!

We offer FREE worldwide shipping!

We would like to thank all those that have shared, liked and/or commented on our posts on social networks....and a special thanks to our loyal customers that have spent their hard-earned money on our artworks. It is always a very humbling experience when a customer chooses to purchase our posters and we are forever grateful. Without you people, I could not develop or even call myself an artist. Thank you so much!!!

Feel free to browse around and if you have any question/proposal/suggestion just contact us at
We do and love custom works!!!!

Diego & Camelia

Engraver's Dungeon Team

Here I leave you a little sneak peek inside of Engraver's Dungeon´s ¨How is made¨:

ART on WOOD Video

And here are some examples of custom works: