Yes we do!

We actually offer FREE worldwide shipping

Our wooden posters are sealed with a final coat of varnish, so no need for extra protection. You can clean it with a dry dust cloth. Please note that varnish applied is for internal purposes, direct sunlight can also wrap the wood!

Yes! Just keep it away from fire, explosions, radioactivity, water and small children

I love to create custom works, email me at info@engraversdungeon.com and tell me about your project, include a pic if you can

All the color is added by hand painting some areas before the laser engraving process and some others after it. So there is a lot of hand work in each poster. I use acrylic paint.

Yes of course! We have many different frames styles, check out our "Frames" link on top of the page.

I search inspiration from movies, from other artists, and from museums. I'm a self taught artist who from childhood had an unexplainable love for skulls, robots and weird things. I'm an Alien movie lover and I adore H.R.Giger's art.

Difficult question. I was born in Buenos Aires and I lived there until 14 years old. Then we moved to Spain near Bilbao (all the family) where we stayed 3 years. After we moved to Italy, near Milan. After finishing high school and army service I started a career in Engineering, I traveled a lot and lived in  different countries like Romania, Belgium, Slovak, Turkey and Kazakhstan. I've been in a nuclear power plant. Both of my parents are italian so I think I'm an italian born abroad.  

Thanks a lot for your visit here and for any other question please email me at info@engraversdungeon.com