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Multi-colored Water Flow-Wood Phone Case - Free Shipping

Image of Multi-colored Water Flow-Wood Phone Case - Free Shipping

Colorful & protective cover for your iPhone & Samsung. Beautiful laser carved pattern with hand painted ''Multicolored Water Flow'' finish, this wooden phone cover is an unique accessories for your smartphone.

Completely unique case due to the one-of-a-kind wood grain pattern, hand painting and hand finish we apply to each in part.

3D effect due to the deep carving and outstanding paint .

Fits iPhone X, XS, Xs Max, XR, 8, 7, 6, 6S, 5, SE, Plus as well as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8, S9, Plus and Note 9, 8 - just select your model from the drop down menu.


US and Canada customers please leave your PHONE NUMBER or the recipient's one when you place the order at check-out. It will be used by the shipping company (DHL Express) at the moment of delivering.


★ 100% real natural cherry wood backing
★ Durable & long lasting TPU sides with shock protection
★ Engineered to securely fit and completely protect your phone
★ Full access to all buttons, ports and functions. (charging, headphones and speakers)
★ Ultra-Slim and lightweight

★ Beautiful laser engraved design
★ High quality resistant ceramic paint applied manually to each case in part
★ The wood is hand treated with a mix of oils and wax which not only protect but also enhance the design
★ Special hand varnished finish for maximum protection against scratches and dirt

★ Please check the photo gallery for a detailed description

We make these amazing cases only by order, please allow us 2-3 days for shipping, we want you to have a remarkable item!

We offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING certificated, with tracking number and signature delivery.

The usual delivery time from:
- Spain to USA, Canada is about 5 - 7 business days - DHL Express Company
- Spain to most European countries is about 5-7 business days - with Correos post Spain
- Spain to Rest of the world can vary between 10-14 business days - with Correos post Spain

For all orders shipped with DHL customer must provide us, at check-out in notes, their phone number or by case the recipient's.
Please note that wood varies in color, figure, and texture, with no two cases looking exactly alike.
We do our best to photograph each design but due to the natural material we use your case may look different in the sunlight than it will inside.

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