About US

Our Concept:
At Engravers Dungeon, we don't just sell engraved wood, we offer you ART. Something that you can be proud of and take it with you everywhere. Something that will define and complete your personality, help you tell the world who you really are. And this is what makes us different.
What we offer:
Engraver’s Dungeon makes unique laser engraved phone cases and wood wall art in a mix of traditional woodcraft and advanced technology. Our designs range from nautical to Gothic, macabre to movies, human anatomy to animals but I also create personalized, one-of-a-kind works!
Our story:
I started this journey on 2014, as a new life beginning, and after many trial-and-error experiments, years of graphic designing and market research I achieve this result and I totally think it worth it.
Our thankfulness:
I would like to thank all those that have shared, liked and/or commented on my posts on social networks....and a special thanks to my loyal customers that have spent their hard-earned money on my artworks. It is always a very humbling experience when a customer chooses to purchase one of my artworks and I am forever grateful. Without you people, I could not develop or even call myself an artist. Thank you so much!!!
A bit about ourselves:We are just a married couple that creates and crafts everything, from the wood upon the finished package, please be patient if sometimes your order has a slight delay. I usually send a preview picture on your email with the painted piece.
Feel free to browse around and if you have any question/proposal/suggestion just contact us at info@engraversdungeon.com or by phone at +34 635627985
Camelia & Diego
Engraver’s Dungeon