Who we are searching for and About US

 Most important and first of all, who we are?

We're Camelia & Diego, a married couple who run a successful laser engraving business in Valencia, Spain.

During the development phase we discovered an unique method to highlight and paint the laser engraved wood.

We have 3 successful Online Etsy shops with more than 7400 sales and 1800 high stars reviews, plus a Main Website. Around 80% of the sales are from the United States.

Currently we are focusing on wood wall art, cherry wood phone cases and wireless chargers.

What is our next step?

 We would love to have a physical shop located in the US territory to expand our business and work face to face with our clients, developing new projects.
 In our mind we also have an ideal one:


Considering the amount of work and effort this would take, we are searching for a business partner.
Ideally that would be a person who:
  • Has already a laser engraving business and wants to expand
  • Is willing to innovate and invest
  • Open minded and curios
  • Skull lover :) 

Based on our experience with Online Etsy Shops, we know that locating our store in the US will dramatically increase our sales, and we’ll need help fulfilling the orders.

Together with our partner we would love to expand and create new projects such as special artworks on guitars / violins / guitar pedals...
Adding a CNC router, a Galvanometer and a bigger CO2 laser to the workshop would allow us to combine different materials and create bigger and intricate artworks… as we already know in the laser business sky's the limit :)

 Another goal is to participate to Comic Cons/art exhibitions/horror and tattoos conventions (I have already made the Boston Comic Con Convention in 2019 and New Jersey Oddities Market 2019)

If you are interested about it please feel free to send me an email at: info@engraversdungeon.com

More about us

  • 7 years of laser engraving experience, using 2 Epilog laser machines.
  • Software knowledge: Office, Mac/Windows, AutoCad, Photoshop, Corel Draw
  • Creation of webpages with Shopify
  • Product photography
  • Customer service
  • Logistics, packaging and shipping services
  • Established provider for our phone cases/chargers
  • Marketing, ad’s and Mailchimp services
  • Social media expertise
  • Background of Oil&Gas industrial engineering
  • We fluently speak English, Spanish, Italian and Romanian.

  Our currently workshop and offices: